it was a perfect way to spend most of our day.

but first, amy had gotten up early and gone out walking, and then we went together.  and we went back to walgreens, because las vegas just isn’t fun if you can’t go to walgreens at least once a day.  here she is in front of the huge new complex of fancy buildings.

when we got back to our suites amy made us a delicious breakfast, and then….ahhhh.  we spent the vast majority of the day at the lazy river, in the lazy river, floating down the lazy river.

the is one of the most perfect views in the world, in my opinion.

you can just barely see randy, floating by.  people in the river had inner tubes, but you had to rent them and it was kind of pricey and i thought it was fun just to drift along in the gentle current.

mom mostly enjoyed lying in the shade.  yes, there were many, many beach chairs.

amy rented an inner tube for randy, and there he is on the far left.

the MGM pool area is also the entrance for this place called the Wet Republic.  it’s open during the day, and you have to pay admission.  on the site it says that attire is “fashionable swimwear” and they have “world-famous djs.”  really?  world famous?

amy knew about it, and showed me some online photos of the many, many celebrities who show up at the wet republic.  i’m assuming they’re always clad in fashionable swimwear.

since the entrance to the wet republic is right there next to the lazy river, you’d think we’d have spotted some celebrities, but we saw nary a one.  maybe they have a special celebrity entrance?  yes, i’m sure they do.

as the day wore on the lazy river area filled up and more and more people were drinking more and more.  we did see one woman get escorted out; a guy said she’d come in at ten in the morning, already drunk out of her mind.  oh, the glamour of vegas…

did we do anything else that day?  i don’t think we did; we spent a lot of time getting ready to go see CHER in concert.

ok then,

mrs. g. hughes.