the first thing that caught my eye online was the headline JAPAN’S OCEAN RADIATION HITS 7.5 MILLION TIMES LEGAL LIMIT

Uh…is anybody doing anything?   yesterday, or was it the day before, i read that the WORLD’S BIGGEST CEMENT MIXER had been shipped over there (think how much it’d cost to ship something like that) to seal the crack in the reactor oozing radiation, but it didn’t work.  UH OH.  i read a crazy article saying that workers at the plant were stuffing the hole with polymers mixed with newspaper and something like sawdust?  does this not sound like a DESPERATE LAST-DITCH EFFORT to you?

i mean, what’s going to be done?  is the radiation going to continue pouring into the ocean, spreading, spreading, and then…we’re all doomed?

i’m just asking.  i feel there should be more out there about this; there was one blog posting from the UK Guardian titled “Fukushima nuclear crisis: Send us your ideas for stopping radiation leaks: We’re looking for your views on the best ways to make the plant safe again

Seriously here, folks???  you want me, sitting here on my couch, struggling to figure out the complexity of sudoku, to come up with something to stop this WORLD-WIDE CRISIS?

i was not making it up about the sawdust, and this makes me feel good about my rather poor short-term memory.  the article reads:

The latest ideas to prevent the escape of radiation from Japan’s stricken Fukushima nuclear plant are to discharge 11,500 tonnes of contaminated water into the Pacific and plug leaks with an absorbent polymer mixed with sawdust and shredded newspaper. The first idea is a last-ditch effort to free up room for even more highly radioactive water leaking at the site; the second does not yet seem to be working.

The Fukushima plant remains in a critical condition, and solutions to immediate problems are not forthcoming.

That’s why we’re looking for your views on the best ways to make the plant safe again. In particular, we’re looking for opinions from experts with knowledge of the nuclear industry, but whether you’re an engineer in the field, an academic, or a nuclear plant worker, we’d like to hear from you.

Just submit your idea to the spreadsheet below – we’ll publish your ideas online.

GOOD GOD.  is it like a contest; do you win a prize for coming up with the best combination of random stuff to STOP THE WORLDWIDE NUCLEAR MELTDOWN???

ok, now i read some of the suggestions, and the job titles of some of the people writing in include Course Director for the MPhil in Nuclear Energy, Cambridge University and Professorial Fellow of Science in Nuclear Graphite Technology, University of Manchester.  their ideas sounded…well, i don’t know how they sounded, what do i know, but at least nobody was writing WE”RE ALL SCREWED HERE, PEOPLE, which is comforting.

whew.  if you want to read any of these comments for yourself, here’s the link.  GUARDIAN READER IDEAS

yesterday i went to the doctor who did a bunch of blood tests plus an EKG and of course my heart is just fine, but then i went home and looked up my symptoms and was pretty sure i could have a brain tumor.  but hopefully i don’t.  well, maybe i don’t, cause one of the biggest signs is having horrible, horrible headaches, and then you throw up and feel better.  that hasn’t happened, but i did feel really sick trying to play the sudoku two different morning, and so that tells me that there’s something wrong going on with my brain.

ok then, have a good tuesday and try not to think about the WORLD FALLING APART AROUND US.

mrs. at least it’s a sunny tuesday morning hughes.