gone to bed already. instead, i’m looking at news on the internet and there are MORE PET FOOD RECALLS.

soon they’re going to find out that it’s all tainted. but they can’t figure out just exactly what is going on, and they keep adding products to the list. now it includes POUNCE MOIST MEATY cat treats. i looked at our three kinds of pounce treats, and none of them is called moist meaty, but i was revulsed to see that the second ingredient in them was “animal digest.” does that not sound just GROSS?

amy and jim went to st. louis today and apparently loaded up on organic pet food. and online there are stories of lots of people doing the same thing. and alternative mentioned is making your own pet food. i looked at some of the recipes, and the first one was “sauteed liver.” ugh. i don’t want to saute any liver.

but maybe it’s the best thing to do. i’m sure if i look i can find lots of recipes.

maybe everybody will just start setting extra places at the table for their pets, letting them join in with whatever the family is eating.

i know mollie would be delighted with that.

animal digest, good lord.

ok ok ok,

grace h.