This was our second full day of walking, nine miles, from Marloes to Little Haven. because we’d only walked about five miles our first day, and it took such a very long time, i was a little nervous about making it nine miles on this second day.  how will i ever remember to NOT BE SO NERVOUS the next time we go on a hiking holiday?  maybe just because i’ll kno that we did it all just fine this time!

i keep thinking about how beautiful it was there in Wales, and wondering why we don’t just move there.  not only would be in a beautiful place, but we’d be so close to so many other fantastic places.  the night before, in Marloes, we met some people at the Lobster Pot pub after dinner and they talked about the many, many places they’d been – spain and italy and all over, because europe is so very close!

here’s john, the b&b owner, behind this cool…what is that blue thing?  i can’t remember, except that it was very cool and vintage.


i wanted a hearty breakfast, so i got eggs benedict without the sauce, and it came with yummy salmon instead of meat.  kevin got a full english breakfast!  he never does that.  but we had a lot of hiking to do…


here’s the clock house from the front; it looks much better inside, and even on the side.  but away we hiked at the crack of 9:22 in the morning.


it was kind of chilly and overcast when we set out – here’s my selfie as we were about to get back onto the trail.




i’ve never seen a wormy thing like this – it looks like a cartoon, i think.




cows up ahead!  i don’t know why i was so excited to see cows, since we have plenty of them around here.  but yeah, these are welsh cows!





w285 w286

there was a big flock of birds down on the rocks.




we came across some bits of a very very old wall.


and more cows!


on the other side of the field was a castle.


wales dirt is very red.




the castle is called st. brides castle, and it’s a hotel now.  we met some people walking who were staying there, and they took our picture.




it started to rain a little, so we stopped in at a building near the castle. we did see a few people –  there was a family going out to picnic on the rocky shores, even though it was gray and drizzly.  when we were biking in scotland, i remember that we saw some young people camping in the rain by a lake.  it didn’t look appealing at all, but i guess that since it rains so much there, you just get used to it.


here’s the sign about the castle…i’d have liked to have seen the indoor swimming pool!  i bet if we’d stopped in they would have given us a tour, but it didn’t even occur to us.  next time!


this is one of my favorite photos so far.


by this time it was only 11 o’clock in the morning, but i’ll stop here for now.

ok then,

mrs. sunday night hughes.