another busy day at sea!  saturday, august 8th.  we got up so late, at 9:30, because they set the clocks ahead for the third time.  we went to the very interesting 3rd lecture about the magna carta in the morning, and then, LUNCH!  i loved having a delicious salad every day, plus cheese and dessert.


After lunch we walked around the deck 6 times, which was about 2.2 miles, and then we stopped for tea at the buffet – as we’d walked, i could look in and see that there were some kind of delicious-looking chocolate cups filled with chocolate and I WANTED ONE!  they stopped serving tea at 4:30, and we got there at 4:25 and i snagged the last two, whew!  the handle was broken off of this one, or maybe i ate it off before taking this photos, but it was delicious and i wish i had one right now!


i thought this was funny, that guy there on the left, he’s hooked up to a rope or something so he can swim in place.  i mean, yeah, it’s a good idea, good exercise, blah blah blah, but he just looked silly.




meanwhile, back at home…les and the other kitties were given constant love and attention by bev and amy, and jenna, when bev was gone.  amy took him for lester walks, which mostly involved lying around.




this is the hallway outside the main dining room.  they’re supposedly totally updating the ship next summer, but i wonder if stuff like this will remain the same?  cause it’s awfully cool.


before dinner we went to the “gold” level cocktail party.  you achieve gold status when you’ve sailed three times.  since we sailed there and back, we’ve now done four crossings, but i don’t think there’s another level until you do about 20, so that’ll be a while.

it was ok but crowded and they were serving yucky champagne, but i asked a waiter for a glass of red wine and he finally returned with it, which was very nice.  plus they had delicious little appetizers, which is just what we needed since we’d only had breakfast, lunch, and tea.


here’s the nice couple, rob and anne, who we met as we set sail.


and here are my fancy shoes that i shouldn’t have brought because i brought way way way too much stuff.  but i was still happy to wear them.


after dinner it was so late that kevin went to bed, but i saw a little bit of the welsh comedian, mike doyle.  his jokes were old and tired but people seemed to find him hilarious.  he did get an old welsh guy to sing some welsh song with him, which was good.