our first full day at sea, which was wednesday, august 5th.

it wasn’t a day that was all about food, but i realize that most of these photos are, indeed, all about the food…i’m trying to not post so many photos of our crossing because i want to get to the beautiful pictures of the coast of wales…but then when i look at these photos, i think they’re pretty interesting, esepcially these of the chefs carving up all the fruits and veggies.  they did this demonstration right in the middle of the ship, in the main lobby, so there was quite a bit of room to get a good vantage point.  and of course, i managed so squeeze myself into a prime spot.

carving up the fruits and veggies











i’d like to try making one of these crazy little ducks wearing a top hat; i think it’s the one i’d have the best chance of actually doing.


maybe he’s not actually a duck?  i’m not really sure, and i don’t ever recall seeing any birds with bowties and hats and buggy eyes.













I hope the guys were smiling because they really enjoy their job, not because they had to smile because it’s part of their job to smile.  it seems that it’d be a better job than some of the cooking jobs, like peeling potatoes or something.


and then…lunch!  every day it was a variation on the same thing – a big pretty good salad, some delicious cheese and maybe a cracker, and this really good brown bread that they served.  on this day they had a sushi bar, and the sushi chef made me a fresh roll.












and we always had dessert.  i’m pretty sure this was a healthy, sugar-free something good.  usually, though, i stuck with whatever was chocolate.


the fancy afternoon tea in the grand ballroom.












and more fancy…it was our first formal night for dinner.


we had a drink in one of the bars before dinner. there wasn’t a lot to do, all dressed up, besides hanging around watching the other dressed up people.  after dinner each night was some kind of entertainment or dancing in the ballroom, but since we were at the late seating, we usually didn’t participate, because dinner wasn’t over til after 10.















before dinner…lots and lots of plates and silverware and stemware.


maybe i mentioned – amy wanted me to send her photos of our food, which is why i took so many photos.  i promise i’ll try to limit the number of photos i post here, but this is some kind of fish, one of the “ranch spa” selections – you always got a choice of a relatively low calorie and healthy meal if you wanted it, or you could combine something with healthy with something not quite so healthy.


i went for the healthy fish and then a delicious dessert…


here we are with two of our tablemates, linda and jim.  note that the dining room is completely empty because almost everybody else left!  i’m sure the many waiters were desperate to turn over the chairs and set them on the tables and get outta there!


we set our clocks ahead most nights, which made me a little bit sleepy most of the time.  but one big benefit of sailing across the ocean is no jet lag!

and that’s our first day aboard the QM2…

ok then,

mrs. oceangoing hughes