this day was mostly about the train ride, which was nice and relaxing.  kevin spent a lot of time reading; he brought a few books with him, and got through at least two by the time our train trip was done.  what was he going to read the rest of the trip?


i, too, brought a book.  did i even open the cover the entire trip?  no, of course not.  when i was a kid, all i remember doing (and i don’t remember that much about most things) is going to the library, getting piles of books, and reading.  i don’t know what has happened to me.  what am i always so busy doing, that i rarely read?

getting off the train in Penn Station with all that damn luggage – it was OK, really, getting into a conveniently-placed elevator from the track to the station.  but then, there were the crowds and mayhem in the station as we searched in vain for another elevator to take us up to street level.  all elevators were cleverly hidden, or maybe disguised as fast food restaurants, so instead we took our lives in our hands and struggled up the escalator clinging to our mound of bags.  whew.

we joined a huge line for taxis and got into one, but getting the luggage in wasn’t so easy.  it wasn’t a tiny cab, but somehow the driver wasn’t able to stuff all the cases into the trunk, and i had to hold a couple on my lap plus they were crowded all around me.

we arrived safely at our hotel, the Cassa Hotel 45th street, and it was quite nice with a room that felt like a palace after our tiny sleeper on the train.

we dined at an English Pub nearby, in anticipation of being in the UK imminently.  It was good, but a very noisy place.

After dinner we strolled to Time Square, but as we got closer to it the crowds got thicker and soon it was a crazy mass of people, so we retreated.

Because i had somehow hurt my ankle on one of our many long practice walks, we decided that i should get a leg bandage, so we stopped at a drug store to get one.  since it was close to time square, of course there was a long line of people waiting, and many people had many issues, and even the smallest thing becomes a production in NYC.  Which is why i’m OK with not spending time there.

here’s kevin, very happy to relax in our huge bed.


and that’s it for 2 aug, as they write it in the UK with the number first and the month second.

ok then,

mrs. g. hughes.