what a day!  we finally arrived safely in the small town of Dale, checked into our B&B, and walked out the door to find some dinner.

but first…the owner had three old and fabulous cars in his driveway.  this one was under a canopy, and the others were in the garage.  kevin says this is a rolls.  the guy said that he had driven these cars on the tiny roads, which amazed me.


this gate had been open when we passed it, which is why we missed the small sign.


there were all kinds of strange and unusual plants in the garden, including this one.

a Dr. Seuss-kind of plant

a Dr. Seuss-kind of plant

everything was so lovely…




this was a small brook near the back of the property, where we parked our car.  those brigt orange flowers are called crocosmia, but i didn’t learn their names til much later in our trip, when i saw them many other places.


croquet was set up, but since it was getting near 7:00, we had no time for a game.


our car was never parked in such a pretty setting through the rest of the trip.  we were hesitant at firs to pull in, because we were right up on the lawn next to a flowering bush.



here’s a view of neighborhing houses, from the lush back gardens.


the driveway was flanked by a pair of dogs that looked an awful lot like italian greyhounds.


it took us a while to get to dinner just because we kept taking pictures of their garden!  look at the size of that huge plant on kevin’s right!


this is right across the road from the b&b.


this is the road leading to the couple of pubs, and over to the left the road continues and joins up with the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path, which we’d start walking in the morning.


we stopped at a little pub for some local seafood.  this was the griffin inn, and i think there were only two choices of pubs.  i tried the John Dory, because i’d never had that fish before, and because it was caught right there.  it was OK, but didn’t seem worth the 24 pounds, which was about $36.  kevin’s mullet and fries were scrumptious, though.  i also had a big glass of pear cider, which i always like.

John Dory

John Dory

for dessert, we split something called a chocolate knickerbocker, which was quite tasty and full of chocolate.

chocolate knickerbocker!

chocolate knickerbocker!

even though it was a little pricey, the view was beautiful.  it was starting to get chilly, though, and the door was wide open.


after dinner we walked up the hill a way, towards the trail.  i’m mystified as to why i didn’t take any pictures; i guess it’s because kevin was taking them.  i’m pretty sure i have some video, though, and i’ll have to work on another video installment.

the road was through some woods, and we looked forward to the start of our trip in the morning.  but as it got more and more chilly, i worried that i didn’t have enough warm clothes, and decided i’d wear a pair of tights under my zipoff pants, and two layers of shirts in the morning.

we got back to the b&b as it was finally dark – it gets dark a lot later there in the summer, which was nice.  tomorrow, the walking finally begins!

ok then,

mrs. anticipatory hughes.