we arrived at Little Haven at around three in the afternoon, and were pretty sure we knew where our b&b was, but once we actually got into town we couldn’t quite find it.  so we wandered around a bit, finally climbing a steep hill to arrive at the Pendyffryn Guesthouse.

The owner wasn’t home, because they were in houston because one of them was being treated for cancer. instead, a lovely woman named Rachel was there to take care of us.  she showed us to our room, which was really great, with a wonderful view.

plus a kitty!  i can’t remember the kittie’s name, but she was very happy to see us and right away jumped on the bed and started attacking my camcorder case.  so cute!


she looks slightly crazed here.


what a view!  it would have been nice to have a whole day to just sit and look out.


the view from the side window – we had to climb quite a bit to get up to the b&b!






before we went back out, rachel brought us some scones and tea, very nice of her.


here’s the big dining room.




we ventured down the hill to a pub called the Castle.  John, the owner of the b&B The Clock House back in marloes, had suggested that while we were in Marloes, we should drive to Little Haven to have dinner here at the castle.  we had no desire to get in the car again, plus it would have felt like cheating or something, to drive there and then walk there the next day.

we got to the pub relatively early, but most of the tables seemed to be reserved so we decided to eat outside.  it was a bit windy, but the view was wonderful.




we ordered something called “cawl stew,” and i don’t know why i didn’t bother to ask what was in it.  it was full of big hunks of corned beef, which wasn’t appealing to me at all.  but the wine was good.


i really needed some dessert after eating mostly just bread for dinner, so we went into the pub and managed to get a table for dessert.  i ordered a pimm’s with soda, which was a specialty, and it was kind of good.  but the sticky toffee pudding….mmmmmm.

but the funny thing is that even though john had told us that the pub there in marloes wasn’t very good, and this castle pub was worth driving to – the sticky toffee pudding in marloes was THE BEST.  it was all sticky on the top.  as you can probably see, this one wasn’t sticky, but was a little bit more like warm gingerbread.  delicious, but not the real deal as i now perceived it to be after having it two nights in a row in marloes.

so that’s three nights in a row for the sticky toffee pudding.


the view from the side garden, but it was now too chilly to hang out there.




the tide was so far in by this point – when we got there it was so far out that people were walking waaaay out in the sand.


i had to capture the sunset.







and that’s the end of our second full day of walking.  tomorrow, we’d go 11 miles.  we went to sleep early.

ok then,

mrs. g. hughes.