We’d had a soggy look around the garden at Wyndcliffe Court, and were eager to get back into the house for some tea and sandwiches and dessert.

we snagged one of the couches right next to the roaring fire, and we’d have been happy to just move in!


plus, the lunch was fantastic.  i’m pretty sure they even had my lapsang souchong tea, although not 100% certain.


here’s the menu – i think we split a cheese and chutney and a salmon sandwich.  but where’s the photo of the dessert? i know we got dessert!  maybe we ate it so fast that we didn’t have time to take a picture.


our best lunch ever.


as we were leaving, i noticed this very modern apparatus.  i think it’s a speaker?  totally cool, huh?  You can just make out that it says harmon Kardon on the bottom of it.  it was funny to have such a modern thing in the midst of all the antiques.

i must look them up online.



i took this as we were leaving – i think mom has a similar cat in her collection.

and then, on to Veddw Garden!

but first, we drove into Chepstow.  The night before i’d bemoaned the fact that i’d chosen a b&b for these next to nights that was out in the country – when we got to wales, i realized that this could involve more teeny, tiny roads.  but when planning, the b&b i chose seemed ideal, because it was only a few miles from Veddw, and i thought that we wouldn’t want to be in the middle of a big town.

because i wasn’t thinking well, that’s why.  well, that, and the fact that i had no idea about the teeny tiny roads of wales.

chepstow was a fine little town, and if we’d stayed there we could have walked to dinner.  but it’s all good, i have quite a tale of monday, but there’s so much to cover before that, namely, Veddw.

here’s the little road leading from Wyndcliffe to Chepstow.


it had stopped raining when we drove into Chepstow, and we walked around a bit and didn’t go into the castle because we didn’t feel like it.  since this was almost the end of the trip, we were desperate to find some souvenirs, and lo and behold, we came across the tourist information center, where we almost bought out the place.

i don’t know why i didn’t take any photos in town except this one here.


this is an important one, anyway.  it’s the starting point for the wales coast path.  not the pembrokeshire coast path, which is a measly 186 miles long, approximately.  and we only hiked about 35 miles of that, maybe.

the wales coast path is 870 miles long.  and here’s the amazing thing – when we went to meet and visit with charles and anne at Veddw, charles had just finished walking every mile of it!

he’d done it it segments, not all at one go, but OMG, as they say.


i’d kind of like to walk the entire wales coast path someday, but i guess that’s not a very realistic hope, because there are many other beautiful places to visit and walk around and take many photos of.

and next, i’ll start my postings of the many many pictures of the most beautiful place i’ve ever seen, Veddw.


ok then,

still mrs. first day of july hughes.