it was a leisurely day, with only six miles to cover.

here’s what the trail looked like behind us, after we’d had our encounter with the wild ponies.




we saw this funny guy when we were almost to st. david’s.


the beach is down the road from St. David’s, and behind it is the vast caravan park.  actually, there were two parks, filled with many campers of all kinds.



by this time it was getting more and more warm, and we had to walk up the road to get to st. david’s.  we passed a little camp store, but didn’t buy any of their delicious pastries.  it was about a mile and a half up to the town, and the road had quite a few people walking, plus campers and cars.  one of the busiest parts of our whole hike in wales.  ireland is another story, but that’s for a few days away.

St. David’s Cathedral is famous, so after we checked into our B&B we went to see it.  we didn’t feel like going into the cathedral because it was crowded, but instead walked around the town a little bit.




we went back to the b&b, The Coach House, which was quite nice.  kevin took a nap, while i enojyed sipping a cup of tea while sitting sitting on the window seat, watching the throngs of people walking by – and there were throngs of them.


we had left some of our mountain of stuff back in the car in Marloes, and we realized we were running perilously low on splenda, so we decided at the last minute to hurry to the big market in town to find some.

here’s our hotel from the outside.  our room is the one on the middle left, with the cup still in the window.


right next door, there was always a line for this ice cream stand.  we didn’t have time to get any at the moment, but we had plenty later.



the grocery store was pretty huge, and filled with people, but they were out of a lot of stuff.  height of tourist season!  we found something like splenda and bought a few other things, and then headed out to find some dinner.

we couldn’t decide where to eat, and walked up and down the street.  we finally settled on the Grove Inn, which looked quite nice.  a lot of people were sitting outside in the back, but we chose to sit in the front, looking out at the street.


and we waited…and waited…but nobody ever came out to bring us the meal we’d ordered.  after at least a half hour we finally went inside because we were getting chilly, and we had an OK meal.

we decided to look elsewhere for dessert.

by this time it was almost 8:30, and lots of birds were settling in for the night.


the streets were almost deserted; i guess all the campers were back at camp, and the people there for the day had moved on.  and maybe the people in the other hotels were inside watching tv?  impossible to say.


we stopped in at our place to get jackets; here’s our lovely room.  the only thing i wasn’t so crazy about this place is that even though we had our own bathroom, it was out the door and down a few steps.  right out in the hall.  the friendly fellow, mikey, who showed us our room assured us repeatedly that this bathroom was only ours and nobody else would use it.  but i didn’t feel comfortable keeping anything in there.



we found a cozy pub and ordered a sticky toffee pudding.  mmmmm.  how is it that i haven’t made any sticky toffee pudding at all?  it’s been six months!  gee, when will i get the rest of my thousands of photos and videos posted here, anyway?  must make that sticky toffee pudding.


i had to take a covert photo of this guy because look at that hair!  Flock of seagulls.




i had to take this picture because a phone booth is so rare these days.


it was another lovely day, but we were content with not going walking at all the next day.


ok then,

mrs. g. hughes