sunday morning we got up early again and started watching a fascinating documentary about Roger Ebert.  It was still chilly outside, about 57 or so.

one great thing about making the transatlantic crossing on the QM2 is that we gradually set the clocks forward, or back, like we did on the way home.

We walked nine times around the deck, and were pretty proud of ourselves for doing that.  We also walked up to both the outside and inside pools, up to the top of the ship.  After our laps, we saw about a dozen dolphins!  It happened too fast to get any photos.

We didn’t see anything at all interesting on the ship itinerary for the day, but we did enjoy a delicious lunch.


we watched yet another movie, this one with Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt.  “Edge of Tomorrow.”  a bleak version of the “groundhog day” vein.  it was pretty engrossing and clever.  wow, that’s a lot of TV in one day.

we peeked into the theater to see the National Symphony Orchestra of Great Britain rehearsing.  that was cool.


and then more music – we went to the Winter Garden and heard this dixieland jazz band playing.  so i was wrong in my last post about that being the last post of the Winter Garden, cause here it is again one last time.


after dinner we actually went to the first performance that the National Symphony Orchestra did – they played American composers including a phenomenal “rhapsody in blue.”  they passed out little American flags before the concert, which was fun.

at the end, the conductor, Anthony Inglis, let a little kid come up on stage and conduct.  it was quite entertaining.  here’s anthony, ringing a bell at key moments.  i wonder what the song was?  anthony wore a star-spangled cummerbund.


after the show, we were in our own private front of ship elevator with Anthony, as well as a bunch of orchestra members!


and that’s all for sunday.

ok then,

mrs. h.