Wednesday was one more day of feeling crummy, but at least we were sick on the way home, not during the hiking and sightseeing part of our trip.

it was the day of the talent show, and i’m sorry i missed it, because you just never know what kind of stuff you’ll see at the talent show.

we did go to the buffet for dinner, but that’s about it.

thursday we both felt better, whew.  we walked six times around the deck, and it was good weather.  Lots of packing.

we did see one last lecture; charles barclay talked about meteors and asteroids.  i guess i felt so alarmed about the possibility of an asteroid hitting earth some time in our lifetime, that i took photos of these tree slides he had.




hmm.  since i can’t remember what was so alarming about all this, i won’t worry about it right now.

we had a nice dinner back in the dining room with our original dinner companions.

during the voyage, we’d spotted the Romanian girl classical pianist with a pretty blonde girl – i think we saw them together at the buffet sometimes when we went there.  the blonde had very big blonde hair, but the Romanian was wearing her fancy performing dress at the buffet.  but then, there was a picture of the blonde in the day’s program, and she was a singer.  our plan was to see her perform, but it just didn’t happen.

so, it was a rather anti-climactic last day at sea, but we were eager to get back home.

ok then,

mrs. last full day on the QM2 hughes.