my first set of photos of this second day of hiking only got us one and a half hours into our days’ hike – here are the next bits along the way.

here we are, about a half hour past the castle.  it’s funny how the castle already looks soooo far away.

before we left, i’d kept telling jim about my fears about falling off a cliff, and he kept assuring me that he was sure the path would be way back from edge.  but look at this sign!  WHOOOAAA! don’t fall headfirst down the side of the cliff! i love this sign, and i wish i had one of my own.


i love that curvy hedge off in the distance.


if i was Bewitched, i’d blink my eyes and we’d be right back here again.  although the weather probably isn’t quite so nice right now.

i just looked at the weather in marloes, and at this moment it’s 43 there, and that’s how it’s going to be for the rest of the week, with rain pretty much constantly.  so no, not quite so fun to be on the path right now.  but still beautiful!


hole.  in a rock. i’m pretty sure there was some kind of plaque describing it, but i don’t see anything about it in my guide literature.  i know kevin took a cool picture of the hole through the hole, but i don’t know when i’ll get to see those photos!




this is a part of the path that did, indeed, crumble into the sea, hopefully not with anybody on it.  this is a freshly-built portion.  we found several examples of this on our relatively short journey along this small part of the path.


we walked down to the beach area, and then were going to take the path up to the left, towards the water.  whenever we’d see the slopes going up, up, up, sometimes it looked daunting.  but not insurmountable.


there’s a guy working in the field!  because we didn’t see so many people, and we especially didn’t see anybody working the fields, this was highly entertaining.




we tried to find a good place to sit down and eat our cheese sandwiches which we’d bought in Marloes, but the grass was pretty wet most of the time.  we did find  a little cove like this one, but lo and behold, a woman was sitting there eating her lunch! i felt a little annoyed that she’d found the one good place for stopping along this whole path, especially since we’d seen almost nobody the whole time.  but we did manage to find a spot after all, and the cheese sandwiches were delicious.


we’d been walking a while, and suddenly we could see a town!  or a couple of towns – our destination for the night was little haven, which was just up the road from broad haven.  so it couldn’t be so far away!


we entered a woods, which was so beautiful.   i know i have some video footage of it, and am looking forward to seeing it.


it’s just so green and mysterious and…well, beautiful.


and the rolling hills of grain were spectacular, too.


and now the two towns seemed pretty close, but were still a little way off.  actually, all you can see of little haven is this little sliver of beach over there on the right.


more hiking, more bucolic-ness, and the clouds were starting to break up and it was getting quite a bit warmer.


and then, yes, the town was getting close!  it was about 2:30 in the afternoon by now.  so five hours of walking, plus one million times to stop and photograph…not bad at all.


then we could even see people down at the shore, in the water even though it seemed a bit brisk for that kind of thing.


all right, the only one more series of photos, the conclusion of our lovely day of walking…

ok then,

mrs. g. hughes.