We started our day with another lovely breakfast at the Riversdale House B&B in Glendalough.  Here’s kevin in the nice sitting area.  do people ever sit in the sitting areas at B&Bs?  because so far we haven’t ever done that.


the view out the breakfast window, of the bench where we threw the stick over and over and over to the poor neglected dog…the b&b owner said that the dog belonged to the people next door.  clearly, they must not be very good dog owners.


there weren’t many people in the bfast room.


i took a few photos as we headed to the  Powerscourt Gardens.  I’d read about them online, and they sounded cool.


Here’s our tiny little car we rented in Ireland – it was way smaller than the one we had over in Wales, but big enough for us.


The gardens were huge and lovely, and we had a really nice time walking around.  I think it’s one of the big attractions of Ireland, at least on the east side of the country.  there were plenty of buses in the parking lot, but the place is so vast that it didn’t seem too crowded.










i loved the red plants on the left, and took a picture of their name so i wouldn’t forget.  i’d never seen them before, but once i recognized them, i saw them in Wales, as well.  Crocosmia.






i don’t know how i managed to get photos without people in them, because even though it wasn’t crowded, there were plenty of people standing in my way.  we were once again so lucky because it was such a beautiful day.


there were some pretty gigantic trees in different parts of the gardens.


the view of the mountains in the distance was also spectacular.




i tried not to go too crazy with taking pictures of all the beautiful flowers, but i didn’t do such a great job of restraining myself.  this is just the first part of our day, more to follow…

ok then,

mrs. hughes.