Ok, here’s the crazy thing – i have no photos of all of this day!  that’s because i started getting sick.  no fun.

we did manage to do some stuff anyway.

we went to an interesting talk by a gentleman named Michael Dispezio, which was called “Whales, Dolphins and other Marine Mammals.”  this must be where i found this interesting tidbit, which i scribbled on top of a page – if a starfish’s arm is cut off, the starfish will grow another arm – but the severed arm also grows another starfish!  pretty cool, huh?

we then went to a National Symphony Orchestra strings concert, which was also good, then another talk, this time by Charles Barclay again, all about Eclipses.

after lunch, we attended one more lecture, this one was Anthony Inglis talking about his life.  all i wrote about this was “he’s so full of himself.”

we stayed in our cabin for the rest of the day, watching the great movie “Lucy” and the also great “St. Vincent.”  we got a little food from the buffet and ate in our room.

a very quiet day at sea.

ok then,

mrs. g. hughes.