amy’s birthday!  i tried to call her a couple of times, but couldn’t reach her.

even though i still wasn’t feeling so great, we got tickets to the planetarium show in the afternoon.

we attended the morning lecture “secrets of the titanic,” which was interesting, but i can’t remember one single secret about her.

after lunch i started getting really sick, so we skipped the planetarium and didn’t do anything else.

more TV – we did watch new episodes of the “Lucia” series.  Lucia is a series of books written by E.F. Benson, which i loved and have read multiple times.  they made a series of it in 1985, and my mom had the series on VHS.  they were OK, but in 2014 they re-made a three-part series called “Mapp & Lucia” in the town of Rye, where Benson lived, and which we visited while were in the UK in 2011.  The series was great, and fun to see the place we’d been.  i don’t think they ever ran it here; you can buy the region-2 version only on amazon.

kevin started feeling bad, and instead of going anywhere to get food, we ordered room service.  we ordered caprese salad, turkey burgers and cheesecake, and they brought us a huge heap of covered dishes on trays. I mean, it took two guys to bring in all the piles of trays!

here’s the delicious cheesecake.


here’s one of the many trays, complete with coffee and tea.


the caprese salad, which we ate right there on the bed.


it was a very early night.

ok then,

mrs. almost back to the states hughes.