Here are just a few additional photos of our wet hike in wales.  kevin took these photos, and his camera is soooo much better than the phone on my camera.  the reason i didn’t post his photos here instead of mine is because he started his own blog last year and was going to post them himself.  so hopefully he’ll do more of that soon.

here’s our nice little entryway at Parsons Grove Holiday Cottages and i wish somebody had taken a picture of this area at the end of the day when we deposited all our wet and muddy gear there.  but it’s nice that they have this.  actually, i think we just left some of our stuff outside, it was so caked with muddy wet mud.


here’s me!  very, very glamorous.  i see here that i had to push the bottoms of the pants up over my boots so they wouldn’t keep getting untied, and that’s why my feet were swimming in a lake of rainwater by the time the day was over.


this is a most excellent mud close up.


ditto a horse CU!  i will definitely print this one out.  we will need to start on an addition to the house because we’ve already way run out of all wall space for photos of our trips.




kevin tried to take two selfies of us on top of Gray Hill.  he has a cool screw thing on top of his walking stick to mount his camera on, but the other picture is just as bad as this one.  i guess he just gave up. and i assume, since both of our heads are bent, that it was still raining.


i had a close shot of this sheep too, but this one is fabulous.  another one to print out.


later in the walk, near the end, and we were sure that’s parsons grove right off in the near distance.


this might have been a place where we debated crossing over the water.  i know we didn’t.


and here’s this garden that we thought was right down from parson’s grove…and then we ended up walking and walking and walking on all these other roads.


when we finally made it back i really wanted to walk down the driveway in back of the property to see if it led back to this point, but we were too exhausted, plus as i mentioned previously, we had to leave almost immediately.

and now we’ll never know…

hmm, i just had a thought; maybe i’ll send this photo to parsons grove and ask them.  i’m pretty sure they’ll be able to tell me!

all right then,

mrs. g. hughes.