that last set of photos took us from a little before seven in the morning up to…about 10:30.  yes, picture-taking took up a big portion of our hike.

here’s the next three hours, all the way up to lunchtime.

this was a lotta steps to climb.




another beautiful day!


so basically the path is constantly eroding, so somebody must be constantly rushing up and down it, checking and repairing.  but we never saw anybody doing that.


this is definitely a photo i’m going to have to print and hang somewhere on our extremely limited wall space.



as i recall, this was one of the most challenging hikes up while in wales.  so many of the steeper grades had conveniently places steps, but not here.


down below is Newgale Sands, a two-mile beach that we could either walk down to, or we could take the high path up above.  we decided to head for the water.


this part of the climb was the most arduous.  i think this is where we saw a few people coming down – i would have felt a little scared climbing down this uneven path, and these people were really out of shape, not dressed for hiking at all, and i think they had a small child with them.  i don’t know how far down they got, and then it really would have been a challenge for them to get back up.


i felt a real sense of accomplishment reaching the top.


lots of sheep out in the field.


we could see the people lining the beach down below.




now why didn’t we get up close to the guy to see his painting?  i’m sure he’d have been happy to talk to us!  see that big pile of rocks behind him?  that’s what you had to climb over if you came to the beach, then everybody had those striped wind shields set up because the weather was bracing and the wind pretty strong. going to the beach in wales isn’t for the faint of heart.


we saw plenty of cute dogs – i’m pretty sure i got some video footage, too.


we clamored over the rocks to the street behind, where there were a few restaurants, but we didn’t have any desire to sit down and have a meal.  instead, we used the public bathrooms and headed past the little town.  kevin needed to eat, so we sat down on the path and had delicious cheese sandwiches and a truly juicy and delightful peach that we’d bought in Broad Haven.


and on we marched…

ok then,

mrs. saturday morning hughes.