that is the summation of my review of “into the woods,” now playing at new salem.

it’s the musical that i don’t like. i don’t like the songs, i don’t like the music, i don’t like the singing.

i saw it about 15 years ago when they did it at muni, and i had a vague memory of not being so fond of it, but i figured that maybe i was just in a bad mood or something when seeing it. kind of like when i saw the movie “sideways” and my mood was very very very bad and so i still don’t know if it’s a horrible movie or it was just my mood that was horrible.

but anyway we went to “into the woods” sunday night and right away when they started singing i knew i didn’t like it way back then because i DO NOT LIKE THAT PLAY.

i like sondheim’s “sweeney todd” and “a little night music” and probably other sondheim plays if i could think of them. but “into the woods,” NEVER AGAIN.

most of the performances were good, except the sound system was pretty bad, which didn’t help.

aside from that – fair fair fair. i worked LIKE A SLAVE in the illinois bldg on friday afternoon and then kevin and his nieces cara and nicole and i walked around and we shared a DELICIOUS GIANT TUB OF FRENCH FRIES and cara got fried oreos which i had one of, and it was all good, food-wise. except nicole kind of went over the edge after having a large vanilla shake from one of those buildings shaped like a milk carton. she should have shared it with me, to avoid feeling sick. next time.

i go BACK TO THE FAIR tomorrow, for the next three days. stop by and say hi if you want to. and then i’m there again on sunday and then i’m FREE FREE FREE which is good because i really have to get to work on painting those bottles. i worked on them for an hour tonight, but i was kind of falling asleep while painting.

oh, and wedding plans…on saturday night the band that MFH is in, and that i played the keyboard for a couple of songs, played at a wedding reception. and it made me not want to do ANYTHING ELSE regarding my own wedding reception because it just all seemed so…fleeting.

also, there were many many children in attendance. and when the band started to play, most of the children began screaming and chasing each other around the dance floor and out into the hall and around and around and i wanted to kill all of them. i mean, they were really obnoxious, and i think the parents must have all been outside drinking.

this made me wonder if any children have been invited to our wedding, but i concluded that even if there are children around, there’s no way they could be so incredibly annoying. and if they are i will KICK THEM RIGHT OUT.

fair fair fair fair.

i hope you were outside today, because the weather was PERFECT. mollie and i had a pretty good run this morning.

ok ok ok,

tuesday grace.

how can it be only tuesday? it feels like the week has been going on for about four years at least.