we went hiking up in the santa monica mountains about Will Roger’s home. incidentally, we could have toured the home except it’s closed for renovations. but they’re going to have a grand re-opening on saturday, complete with the state’s governor arnold schwarzenneger, live music, etc etc etc.

i mentioned the possibility of mountain lions, and here’s the sign:

mountain lion

we hiked up for about an hour and a half, and stopped at this tree, where i’ve stopped before. i sat down and T. (Turtle) snapped the photo and i felt something on my arms, thought it was cobwebs or something – but it was ANTS! lots and lots of them, all over my hands and arms and crawling up my legs. i screamed a little and brushed them all off.


i’m wearing jerri’s shirt, because i didn’t bring enough short-sleeved casual shirts with me. i hope she doesn’t mind. i don’t think she’d mind. she wouldn’t mind. she doesn’t know that i’m secretly planning on BECOMING JERRI. with the shirt and the dog and all.

we spotted no mountain lions, but we did see a lone bunny. plus lots of little lizards running around; maybe they were gekkos? not sure.

here’s just one of the beautiful views:


this is just a little part of the trail. some of it was sunny, other parts were shaded, and some had canopies of trees overhead. did i tell you that it was EIGHTY DEGREES yesterday?


we hiked back and had a picnic in front of will rogers’ house. they spent $5 million renovating it, but i couldn’t really tell a big difference.

will rogers house

but this is LA, you must keep in mind, so there’s always somebody shooting something. yesterday it was a news guy doing a story on the house. so here’s how it really looked while we were picnicking, with the guy trying to videotape his intro. for the story.


after we hiked, we drove up Sunset and the traffic was pretty darn bad in places. we stopped by my old apartment in west hollywood, and here it is.

old apartment

and here’s one more photo of Brooklyn, just because he’s not only sweet but quite photogenic.

brooklyn three

i’ve been up for three hours now and we’re about to head out.

ok then,

grace a little more awake.