i was at the mall for a while today, and it really wasn’t so bad. people continue to drive like they’re both drunk and blind, but once inside the mall, not bad.

so, i’m DONE with the shopping. i was looking forward to a quiet peaceful evening, not doing much of anything, but i just read my last entry and remembered about all the WRAPPING. so maybe i’ll do that. but isn’t there still plenty of time? except for the cleaning and cooking and stuff i have to do in the next two days.


things seem better because the snow is melting. i keep hearing we might have snow xmas eve, and i know people think “snow is perfect on xmas eve,” but i say NO MORE SNOW!!!

i might go running outside tomorrow afternoon, just because i can and it’s supposed to be near FIFTY.

now that’s the perfect xmas temperature.

unless it was 75 or 80.

ok, i must work a lot right now.

grace grace grace.