Friday October 30th, mom and i walked at Lincoln Memorial Gardens and it was mighty chilly and windy, but the trees were beautiful. We’d put on our masks whenever people passed by but they were actually good for protection from the wind.

Sat. Oct. 30th, I took Les Paul down to the water for a walk and these white pelicans had been swimming around the dock and we scared them. i just read that there are hundreds of them somewhere off the lake in Chatham, so the few who show up here must be more adventurous.

they didn’t fly too far away.

Les, on the other hand…when we take him for a walk we have to carry him down into the yard because otherwise he’d sit under the deck, waiting for birds to hop down and find him. he can sit under there for a very long time.

on this morning he instead sauntered down to the rocks, also another favorite spot.

He kept walking towards Amy and Jim’s house and I called him because the last time I’d taken him he listened to me and climbed right back up on the shore.

This time he just looked at me…

…but then decided he needed to investigate an opening in the rocks.

I was talking on the phone to Bev while we walked and I told her about how Les proceeded to walk along the walks towards the little beach, where i hoped to grab him.

But as I stepped up on the rocks he shot past me and onto the beach, running up into the neighbor’s yard. oh boy. He darted under their dock up on the shore and i kept calling him and luckily he decided he needed to check out their long dock over the water.

When he turned around he had to get past me and that wasn’t going to happen. Whew, as usual. It was kind of a long walk, carrying him back home, especially because he’s not quite as tiny and delicate as he used to be.

And that’s it for October as November continues to sneak on by. I hope you’re keeping safe and not too crazy in these ever-perilous times…

ok then,