the sun is shining this morning, although it’s cold…it’s nice when we have the blue skies, because of the many gray days we’ve already had.

just a few more december photos, and then on to 2016!  which will be filled with…about 365 days.  except now only 364, so let’s try to make the most of them.

chester on christmas day, ever-regal.


mom in her flashiest christmas sweater.


kevin cooked the turkey!  it was a resounding success.


when amy and jim came over for christmas dinner, they brought their three puppies.  mincy was desperate to get whatever food erica might have in her lap.


and then they all had to pile all over her, cause that’s what they do.

it seems the only problem with having three dogs is it’s hard to pet them all at once, but jim has mostly mastered this fine art.


and there you have it.  all the decor is coming down tomorrow, a big relief!

ok then,

mrs. 2nd day of the year hughes.