because erica is going to TANZANIA on friday, she came to see part of the gypsy rehearsal tonight.  and because she was there, i stayed til the end instead of ducking out after my one number.  and it was SO GOOD!  so you’d better hurry up and get your tickets before they’re sold out!

and speaking of erica…i went to her ghost tour last week, where she walked around and talked about lincoln and different ghostly stories, and she did a great job and it was very entertaining.

i took many photos of her. here she is at the beginning of the tour, on the square.

she’s at the presbyterian church, but the thing is, cause i was taking so many photos, i didn’t clearly pay enough attention to what she was actually talking about.  when she gets back from TANZANIA, i’ll have to go again and be attentive.

crossing the street, this is a pretty cool shot of the capitol even though i still think it’s incredibly stupid that they cut down all the trees.

she bought an old-timey civil war-era dress to do the tour, but at some point she decided that was stupid and quit wearing it.  i think if i were to do the tour, it might be kinda fun to wear a costume.

this is kinda blurry, but there was this GIANT dog across the street and i loved it.

this was my number one favorite part of the tour, because as i was snapping away, erica, who is always friendly and gracious and never says a bad word about anyone or anything, said “grace, you’re taking a lot of pictures,” right in front of everybody.  and i thought, SCORE, now i’ve made erica mad because of my incessant picture-taking!  but who else is there to do that??? why is there no article about her in the paper, for example?

lincoln’s home is such a lovely, photogenic place.

this was the final stop of our 90-minute tour, and it was quite good…except that all of a sudden a train rumbled past.  it was a pretty long one, and so erica stopped to wait for it to go past.

but at the same exact time, a city cop pulled somebody over, and so the cop getting outta the car and asking for driver’s licence and insurance card was also happening right there at the very same time.  i thought this was funny and exciting, but i think erica woulda preferred that the car woulda pulled over a little to the side, instead of right in front of us.

mom and i were the only springfieldites in attendance.  kevin will go with me to see the tour when erica gets back from TANZANIA, in a month.  yes, a MONTH.

and that is all for the lovely, crazy cool august evening.

ok then,

mrs. h.