Winnie isn’t doing well.  he had a seizure the night before last just after we’d gone to bed.  it was horrible, as he writhed and convulsed, for what seemed like forever.  I called the emergency vet but we decided we didn’t want to take him there; if this was it, we didn’t want his last hours to be spent in that cold place.  we were pretty sure it was the end…but then, eventually, he calmed down.  I fell asleep as kevin continued to watch Winnie, who was now lying in bed with us.

we were pretty sure that he’d be in horrible shape the next morning, but he seemed fine.

but last night he started limping horribly.  oh boy.  but we all went to sleep…but at three in the morning, another seizure.  this one wasn’t as bad, not as long, not as much thrashing…but not good.

yesterday we spent a lot of time consulting with the vet on the phone about him; we’d thought that maybe the convulsion was because of a different drug we’d been giving him for a week, but the vet was confident that wasn’t it.  we go back on Friday.

this morning he seems fine again, no limping either.  whew.

so everybody is pretty much on edge around here.

here’s a few photos from earlier in the month when things were more carefree.

on may 3rd, mom and I went to a fundraiser for my friend Erica’s homeless mission.  I bid on a few silent auction items even though I need nothing.  but when I saw a basket that included this giant martini glass, I couldn’t resist bidding on it.  and I won; for some reason most other people didn’t think it was a must-have item.















lester and riley continue to keep us entertained.  here they are on top of their house, as first of all riley gave les a bath.











they stopped to pose for me when I called to them.












but then riley climbed up on the log.  I didn’t get the picture right before this, when he tried to squeeze himself into a lying positing right in front of the log with one paw draped over it.  he quickly realized that was an impossible position to maintain.












he briefly thought it’d be comfortable sleeping on top of the log,











but quickly realized it was much better to stretch out next to les.











things are quiet around here for the moment, except for lester and riley zooming up and down the stair chasing each other.

ok then,

mrs. h.