on thursday morning i couldn’t see the lake at all because of the fog.

zero visibility.


a couple of geese were down in the yard, and when i went outside they started complaining loudly that i was interfering with their stroll.


i figured there wouldn’t be much to photograph, but then…WHITE PELICANS!  this big flock of them were suddenly gliding close to the shore.


i tried to quietly get closer to them, but they were quickly headed out to sea.


please come back, white pelicans!


it was really cool how they paddled farther and farther out into the fog.


they just kept going…


numie sat quietly on his porch watching them go.


here’s the view of the power plant.


and here’s the spot where the pelicans had been…they’re way out there now and you can’t see them at all.


i wonder if they’ll ever come back?  and if so, if i’ll happen to be sitting around looking out the window?  at least i got to see them briefly.

kevin left this morning about 8:30 to go shooting.  it’s a 114th skirmish thing, which means they’re shooting at targets out at the gun club.  it’s about 40 right now and there’s a 19-mile-an-hour wind and it’s supposed to rain later. not ideal weather for the shooting.  i hope to not go outside at all today.

ok then,

saturday hillbilly grace.