So much for a calm start to the month. I feel I haven’t had time to catch my breath but I’m confident today will be a little less frantic. Spot seemed to be slowly improving but then yesterday Kevin realized his left front leg was more swollen and looked infected. The most appalling thing to me is that the bite on his neck had turned into a deep gaping hole that was nothing like I’d ever seen before. I sent texts with gruesome photos to our vet, hoping they’d see them this morning and they did and we’re taking him in this morning. Whew.

Today is going to be a perfectly lovely day and I hope to spend a lot of it outside because it’s going to climb into the upper 90s by the end of the week.

Here’s Spot convalescing in the garage on May 3rd.

The thing about cats is that mostly they’re lounging around, enjoying a good snooze. Lester slept while Spot convalesced…

I looked out to capture Riley hanging off the end of the swing and realized that Kevin was joining in the all-cat napping.

Sweetie always enjoys the bay window.

Lovey, so happy as long as I don’t get near her.

I didn’t get a picture of Pumpkin that day, but here he is last night, a very very big stretch kitty.

And that’s all the news here in cat world on this beautiful Monday morning.

ok then,

Mrs. Crazy Cat Lady.