9:30 a.m. – i turned on kevin’s upstairs computer and got the internet to run, found the ticketmaster page so all he’d have to do was click at 10.

9:49 a.m. – called down to kevin, who was on his way up from the basement already.

9:51 a.m. – brought my computer into office, next to kevin’s computer.

9:57 – conferred with amy on the phone; she was set up at her computer, in case there was some kind of crisis over here.

10:00 a.m. – TICKETS WENT ON SALE!  i searched for six tickets, because amy kept inviting more people.  six came up on the screen, but they were way over at the side of the stage.  hmm.  so kevin tried for four tickets, amy for two.  he found four, and she found two, all of them more in front of the stage, but then kevin opened a new page and searched again for six tickets, but then i said WE MUST BUY THE TICKETS RIGHT NOW.  so i sat down and tried to log onto my ticketmaster account but i guess i couldn’t because i was logged on on my computer, so THE TICKETS WERE LOST.

oh no.


amy, meanwhile, was buying the two tickets and i told her she could have them.  because she is fast and smart, though, she was searching elsewhere and found four tickets on another site that were only $50 more apiece.  BUY THEM! i said, so she did.

so, thanks to amy, we’re going to the concert.  if she hadn’t been there ready, ALL WOULD HAVE BEEN LOST.

whew.  i am exhausted, and it’s only monday morning.

meanwhile, i have posted another day of london, so if you are one of the six people who has taken the time to watch the videos, thanks for that!

i have to continue to ignore the snow (which is luckily melting) and do many things now.

ok then,

mrs. monday morning hughes.