it’s been a really hard day, out on the beach.

we rented lounge chairs and an umbrella.  we got there about 10, and there weren’t many people around.  by about 12, it was pretty packed.  very crowded with such a crowd.  many string bikinis.  many people from other countries.

by three the crowd was thinning.  when we finally left at four, it was definitely sparse.

now i’m waiting for mom and amy to get ready, and we’re going to a cuban restaurant for dinner.  amy says we HAVE to go to a cuban restaurant, because we’re so close to cuba.

today i saw many many overly-tanned people.  old people, young people, way overly tanned.  also quite a few fair-skinned people who are going to be in SO MUCH PAIN tonight from their sunburns, because they were cooking all day long.

ok then,

monday evening grace.