Why? How? I was looking at my May photos and I have a group that I processes on Photoshop but I can’t find them anywhere so I guess I didn’t manage to post them here yet.

Whew. I’m happy to have time to sit down right now on this very very muggy and hot late September afternoon. Here next to the lake the temperature is 92 but feels like 98. C’mon already. And the crazy thing is that it’s only going to get up to 61 on Friday. Go figure.

Anyway, May…

Lovey, who I don’t recall seeing stretched out like this at any other time, but of course it’s all I can do to remember my own name these days.

Hostas under the bay window, and since then Kevin bought some nice little fence sections to keep the hostas under control, at least a little.

Just yesterday I was ruminating on why on earth I planted so very many hostas and irises and other flowers back in the fenced yard where we don’t go much, and then of course I remembered that I had to transplant every single one of them because they were all getting devoured by deer.

Maybe when it’s cool out I’ll have some free time to sit out there.

The cats enjoy the space, anyway. The hostas have been blooming and really looking fantastic. This is the first year that they haven’t gotten so burned up by the sun.

The middle of May, a nice little goose family.

Lester is the only cat who continues to be mellow about the arrival of Pumpkin. Here he is on May 20th.

For my birthday lunch Randy and I went to Mimosa where I had an extravagant amount of sushi. Mmmm, it looks delicious, I’d like more of that right now.

The day after my gallbladder removal, May 28th, these balloons arrived in the mail. Sweet Julie sent them and was unhappy that they said “welcome back” instead of “get well,” but we thought it was pretty darn funny.

And gee, in the background there I see at least six little pink socks. Kevin buys them for the kitties every Christmas and we have a pretty good collection now.

Have you ever seen a cat sit like that? We haven’t. Actually, Pumpki n hasn’t ever done that again. That thing on his side is Kevin’s broken finger in a little splint thing, FYI.

To wrap up May, Les Paul…

And that’s it for May. Maybe I didn’t take so many photos the rest of the summer. And it’s officially fall on Thursday I believe, so time for a new banner. So much to do…

ok then,

Mrs. very very late summer hughes.