and september is already gone and i throw up my hands at ever getting all the photos up here from things that happened in september, besides our darling dog dying, which has made me too sad to do most anything.

but life does go on, and the sailboat has been launched without a sail and kevin spent many mornings down in the boat drinking coffee and enjoying the water, and then the water got so low that we had to take it in for the season.

the pontoon boat goes out very very soon.

kevin and garrick went to virginia to work at the national skirmish shooting competition.

the day before yesterday i planted 42 tulips, and my neighbor linda who is a master gardener and has many beautiful flowers all over her yard stopped by and said i was “brave” for planting tulips cause the deer love and adore them.

yesterday planted the rest of them,  70 more.  plus i planted 10 hyacinth bulbs.  kevin helped this time, which made it incredibly easier and faster.

here are some photos of kevin and garrick getting the sailboat ready to launch.

they had raised the mast, and it’s very very tall.

they like to pretend that they are raising it.

so then they lowered it, which was pretty tricky, and at one point garrick kind of exclaimed loudly, and he doesn’t usually do that.  in the tipping, it got really heavy at some critical juncture.

well, you know what…it’s been so long since this happened, i actually don’t know why they raised then lowered the mast, because i know that when we took the boat over to the sailboat launch, the mast wasn’t even attached.

maybe just because.

i keep getting mosquito bites.  bev got ONE BITE this year and was all freaked out and pretty sure she was going to get west nile virus.  but i get them all the time, and i’m afraid we’ll have them all winter because they’re definitely in the house.

this morning i was taking a shower and a mosquito was FLYING ALL AROUND.  i wasn’t able to kill it.

i also got some bad bite the other night when i was asleep; it was way worse than a mosquito bite, and maybe it was a spider bite.  bev had a spider bit and showed it to me, and it did look pretty awful, but then when i got one it itched SOOOOO BAD, and i put the special prescription poison ivy cream on it – i think it’s a kind of a steroid, maybe?  and it has helped somewhat and it’s getting better which is good so i don’t have to have my neck amputated.

that is all for now.

ok then,

mrs. october h.