On sunday August 2nd I took a little video of an ant carrying around a gigantic bug. He was working so hard…

I thought it was interesting to think of this ant’s struggle and wondering if it was successful in getting to its final destination.

there were actually three deer in the yard on this august early evening but one of them didn’t want to be in the shot.

Kevin had a lovely sail on August 25th. We’ve been out on the sailboat quite a few times since we launched it mid-August.

A hawk surveying the landscape at the soccer fields.

In this fun computer game we all play called “june’s Journey,” we’re in a “coffee group” and we serve coffee to each other and other members every morning at 10. Giving out and getting coffee gets you energy to keep playing the game. But actually maybe he was wearing this shirt because we were about to embark on a group competition. In that, our group competes with groups around the world in a fast-paced competition that usually lasts 45 minutes. and hey, if you’re interested in joining us, we’re always looking for sharp people to join the club.

Riley, ever mellow.

This is an idea of how beautiful the moon was on this late august evening.

The last day of august Riley was so desperate to get outside. Because Kevin takes him on supervised walks, Riley now feels that he definitely needs to get back out all the time.

and that’s the final august photo on this last day of september.

ok then,

mrs. just can’t believe it’s been seven months of changed habits not to mention so many unbelievable amounts of worldwide deaths and suffering because of the coronavirus hughes.