in typing this, i saw that i titled last month’s first posting “welcome to february.” and here i thought i was being all unique.

first, thanks to the GRAB A JAVA GIRL. i’m sorry i don’t know your name, but the last sunday when kevin and i stopped by after our very very strenuous “sleeping beauty” rehearsal (we’ve blocked out almost everything we have to do and it is, indeed, all walking and sitting plus two times i get to crawl on the floor), and the girl looked over at me and said “is that grace?” and then today when kevin went to grab yet another java because he loves that place and seems slightly addicted to me but that’s the way it is with coffee, she said she reads this very website! so thanks for that. i though maybe she just knew me from being THE QUEEN. but then again, nobody has seen that sterling performance yet, except the many waiflike yet very strong ballet girls who have to actually work hard during the ballet.

this morning when i woke up and it was thundering and raining, and i went to the fit club, more rain, and then suddenly it looked sunny, so after doing weights i went home and mollie and i had a lovely run. more like a run/walk because i worked extra hard on my legs and they were still a little wobbly. mollie was VERY VERY HAPPY to be outside, which is so unusual for her.

but then after we got home, it got dark and was raining like crazy plus very windy and hailing. then sunny. now it looks cloudy out there and incredibly windy and i hope we don’t have a tornado. it’s been almost a year since the last one TOUCHED DOWN VERY CLOSE TO OUR HOUSE. hard to believe that a year has passed.

anyway, mom’s birthday dinner. first, here’s mollie, looking like an alien dog.


and then, mom after she got her birthday cheesecake.


as you may recall, though, i wrote that everybody had a lovely time at the dinner. however, kevin kept taking lots of pictures, and just looking at them you’d think people were HATING EVERY MINUTE OF IT.

i give you exhibit A. jim and amy and dad.


amy didn’t want to be photographed, in case you couldn’t sense that in her body language.

and here’s amy and jim and randy, who is going to HATE it that i put up this photo of him. but it’s just so funny, plus amy is making such a weird face. so is randy, for that matter.


at least kevin and mom looked happy, but that’s because i took the picture and when i take pictures, i yell SMILE, DAMMIT!

mom kevin

here is mollie with amy and jim’s dog shadow, both of whom were quite happy with all the excitement and people and more importantly, food.


they’re standing on our kitchen floor, which didn’t look like a muddy park for at least a half hour during the evening. the mud and twigs and grass clippings have returned by now.

this is honey in her new bed. she spent the entire party asleep. clearly, the noise and food and excitement was too much for her.


FINALLY somebody looks like they’re enjoying themselves. that’s not a shower curtain rod that she got, which is what i thought it was at first, which would have certainly been a strange and unusual gift. it’s a flag pole, for the three really pretty and cheerful spring-like decorative flags that amy got her.

mom pole

randy kept saying it looked like a pole that strippers use, and then he said that some guy made a fortune selling poles like that for women to use as at-home exercise equipment. he demonstrated how a woman would dance around the pole (for exercise, in the privacy of her own home), but unfortunately i didn’t have my video camera out to document it.

so…in like a lion, out like a lamb? that’s what i’m hoping for this march.

ok then,