and i guess that’s how it’s gonna be for the next few months, sooooo cold.  at least we only have a minute amount of snow.

right now.

i’m typing on my computer which is so amazingly fast that sometimes it does stuff for me that i don’t even know about.  well, for one thing, it somehow magnifies the screen.  i did figure out how to   un-magnify things, but i don’t know what i’m doing to make things get suddenly SO HUGE.  (that’s what she said. 😉 )

here is lester, when i took him for a walk exactly one month ago, on november 11th.  he was, as usual, very happy to be out and about.  even thought he LOVES to escape and run haphazardly all over the yard, he’s also content to walk on a leash.

yes, he is the perfect kitty.  plus, of coure, so darn photogenic.

i carried him down to the dock because that’s my favorite place, and if it was left to les, who knows when we’d make it to the dock, if ever.

he decided to walk along the skinny little ledge, which made me a little bit anxious, but of course he’s a cat, and didn’t fall in the water and need a dramatic and cold rescue.

he thoroughly enjoyed scratching the log pile, even though those front claws are long gone.

and then he was off to sniff the burning bush, on a very winding trail that involved lots of scrambling around and untangling the leash on my part.

he stopped to contemplate life for just a bit, but was then in a hurry to explore everything.

one of his favorite things, lying in the grass.

and another of his many favorite things, sniffing a lot.

and then he hustled down to the little beach, which was challenging for me because of all the scrub i had to get around.

he was so happy to be down on the beach and really wanted to explore the neighbor’s yard, but i coaxed him back towards our house.  when he has run away, he’s taken to running somewhere into this neighbor’s yard and after i’ve been calling him forever, he’ll suddenly, magically appear in their yard.  i haven’t been able to figure out yet where, exactly, he is when he does this.  maybe under their big deck.  i’ve been trying to discourage this practice, because when i find him here he then starts to sprint off to the next neighbor’s yard, and that is much too far afield for a delicate little kitty to wander.

i got many blurry picture of him like this, as he hurried back up the hill.

and then he decided to climb under amy and jim’s canoe, and luckily it started sprinkling and he finally emerged, so i carried him back inside.

we had a busy little walk, and if it gets up above freezing at all anytime soon, we’ll go again.

lately, he and chester have zoomed out the back door but then we have to wait there because they want to zoom back in after 5 or so minutes.

and on other fronts…this is the time of year when everybody is saying I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO!  I HAVE NO FREE TIME!  i heard that three times yesterday, and i don’t even talk to that many people.

i haven’t been in the mood for anything christmas-related, but the other day i did get my advent cabin out from the basement, only six days late.  i draped it with some festive blue lights, and at night the lights look so pretty that i decided to put up a few more decorations.

i dug around through our many, many tubs and pulled 10 of them from the basement.  i doubt i’ll put up all 10 tubs worth of stuff, and i don’t think we’ll have a tree because it seems like way too much work plus i think it’d be too sad to look at all the lovely mollie ornaments we have.

but i do plan on putting up some more lights today, plus a few of my favorite christmas things.

ok then,

mrs. wednesday morning hughes.