and we’ve finished season 4 of downton abbey!  so whew, now what will we do?

for one thing, les always need a walk…he usually marches right down the back steps of the deck, but one afternoon he jumped down over the side because he needed to explore under the stairs going down to the basement.

yes, there are quite a few spinners down there.  were a lot of spinners; i’ve managed to clean most of them up since then.  les was fascinated, as he is by anything new and exciting and especially dark.

one of his (many) favorite things is to be a jungle cat, and the rampantly growing weeds gave him the opportunity to stalk around.

he took a break down by the dock, lounging on the storage container.  he explored the portapotty lying there, but wasn’t interested in using it.

but of course he was excited about all the things that could be climbing around on the dock.  he tried to climb down the rocks, of course, but i didn’t let him.

the peach trees down at the lake are dying.  here’s one little peach that might survive, but there are just a few of them, and the leaves are turning orange and falling off the trees.  they’re very old trees, but it’ll be sad when they go.

dad’s ashes are buried under them.  i’d like to plant a mimosa tree; i keep seeing them around the lake, and they have such pretty flowers.  plus i need to get ahold of some sumac bushes.

but not right at the moment.  next summer.

when he’s on his walks around the yard, at least les does lie down for a little bit, sometimes just a minute or less.  but it’s nice when he does.

theses flowers are doing really well this year.  i don’t think they bloomed at all last year, or maybe the deer ate them all.

chester likes to be around when we’re walking, but he spends most of his time sprawled out on a table.  taking him for a walk would be a lot easier, but of course it would be totally impossible to get him into a harness, and once he was in it, it would be a huge nightmare.  luckily he doesn’t like to wander off too far.

once again, lester stalked around like the jungle cat he is inside.

on friday, the day the guy came and got roxie the rescue dog, i noticed that les’s jaw was swollen.  we have a new vet who comes to the house, and she came over and gave him a shot and thinks he’ll be fine.  the swelling has mostly gone down, but of course i have to worry about him a lot.  i also have to give him an antibiotic shot every day; we tried giving him pills, but it wasn’t a successful enterprise.

and gus the goose is still here, hobbling painfully around without one foot.  and this morning i noticed yet another goose limping around the yard, so we’ll have to get to work turning the place into an animal hospital.

or i guess we kind of already have.

ok then,

mrs. wednesday hughes.