haha, i started writing this post LAST wednesday, and now, poof, another week has flown by.  i must be more aware, or all the weeks will be used up before i know it…

here’s darling lester, enjoying our new TV stand cabinet.    so this means it’s been assembled for more than a week, and i have yet to actually put any videos or games or anything on the shelves.  oh well.

more photos of the beaver’s handiwork.


chester, always happy to be somewhere nearby when we go out for a walk in the yard.

this photo is for bev – she expressed her deep, deep concern and angst about these photos of crazy lester, always sauntering down as far down at the water’s edge as he can.  at this point i believe he was about to leap onto another rock.


lester’s most daring move this day, balancing on this slender branch in the water.

and that’s almost all the photos from my old phone, because i got a fancy new phone last week, which involved so much frustration and craziness on my part, but now it’s all good and i need to post some photos and we’ll see if they are, hopefully, incredibly sharp and wonderful.

ok then,

mrs. middle of another week hughes.