10.  degrees.

wind chill of -7.

i went outside to feed the birds but since the back sliding door is frozen shut i had to go out the front and march all the way around the house.  mollie was delighted for the opportunity to go run around like crazy, but even she was quite happy to come back inside.

i feel it’s my moral obligation to feed the birds.  the least they deserve is a little food, since they have to stay outside in the bitter cold.

mollie is incredibly bored, and i wish there was a way for her to get some exercise besides going outside.  she’d be perfectly happy to go for a walk but that is not going to happen.  too bad they don’t let dogs go mall-walking.  she would love the walking, the socializing, and the shopping.  plus the food court.

yesterday numie and noodle came over for a few hours and that did liven things up.  instead of just sleeping, mollie was instead annoyed that the dogs kept jumping around and stealing her favorite sleeping spot.  i wonder if she even realized that she got more treats because i gave them all quite a few.  she probably just felt that THOSE DAMN DOGS were taking away from her precious treats.  as she wastes away…

in years past, during the night she’d get up and want to burrow under the covers with us.  she hasn’t done that at all this year, not even last night when it was SO COLD.  i know it’s not because she’s fat, because she’s not nearly as fat as she’s been.  maybe it’s because she’s getting older?  hard to say.

today i’m making an irish whiskey cake and gin-soaked chocolate cookies.  i had to soak some raisins in whiskey (not the good stuff from scotland, of course) and some others in gin.  a good cookie-making day, after i get back from venturing out into the bitter cold to work out and then do some xmas shopping.

st. croix, st. croix…i read about st. croix when reading traveler magazine while walking up the stairs to nowhere at the fit club.  there’s no rack to set a magazine on, so instead i hold the magazine and read while marching.  i realize this could potentially lead to SERIOUS INJURY, so i try to be really careful and not fall off.  i wonder why they don’t have those magazine holders anymore – they couldn’t be very expensive.  anyway, there was an article about st. croix, and how it’s a secluded island, not lots of tourists, and it’s basically 80 degrees year-round.  i spend too much time looking up hotels and b&bs on tripadvisor.com.  it does look nice, though.  80 degrees…

ok, out into the cold i go.

stay warm!  wear a hat!