yesterday i told kevin that maybe we should clean the gutters today since it’s supposed to rain tonight, and all the gutters have little trees growing out of them because of the one hundred million spinners.

so this morning he said i could help him, and he got the ladder out, and i carefully climbed up, wearing a pair of plastic gloves under my work gloves because kevin said i wouldn’t wanna get the stinky stuff on me.

my hands quickly became soaking wet cause it was so hot.

i carefully scooped the sludgy glop out of the gutter and put it in the bucket dangling from the ladder, and then i had to go down and empty the bucket, and then i’d sometimes have to move the ladder.  the first time, kevin helped me move it but the the next time he wasn’t around so i did it myself and i did NOT smash it through a window even though the ladder was very heavy and incredibly unwieldy because it was so tall, and it was SO MUCH WORK.

i finished one side of the house, and in the meantime kevin was dashing around on the roof, cleaning the rest of it, plus also cleaning the second floor gutters. i suggested that maybe i could also clean from he top of the roof and he said NO, and he never says no, but we all know that if i’d been up there on the roof i’d almost have certainly plunged to my death.

finally we were done, and now kevin is so tired that he’s taking a nap, and he never takes naps!

at least the gutters are clean.  so far we’ve had approximately four drops of rain, but hopefully we’ll have a little more.

and also, we’re tending to an injured goose in the back yard.  remember the goose with the sticking-up feather who sat in our driveway during the winter?  i don’t know what happened to it, but it probably didn’t fly off to a vacation destination.

the other day we noticed that there was a family of geese with four little goslings, and one of the geese was limping and its foot had clearly been badly hurt.  we’ve noticed it hanging around in the yard a little, and today it was sitting under one of the big trees and it looked to me like it was doing worse.

so i took a big container of bird food out for it, and he limped painfully away from me, but after i left the food, he started eating it.  i asked kevin if he might like some water, and he said, probably, so i filled a dog water bowl and took that out there, along with some leftover corn i’d cut off the cob.

it took him a while, but then the goose was drinking the water, and eating the corn, and even if he doesn’t live very long, and least for his last little bit of time on earth he won’t be hungry.

kevin said that besides our ridiculously spoiled cats, now we’ll have a spoiled goose, who will soon be eating up on the counter with les.

i took this picture on may 13th, when there was a huge gaggle of geese down under the tree.

this year we had a white bleeding heart, for some reason.  very beautiful, and this is a lousy photo of it i see now.  unfortunately, some cat snapped the bloom off, but i kept it in water for a couple of weeks.

as you can see, it’s tiny compared to the now-giant bleeding heart next to it.  next year i’ll have to transplant it somewhere.

here’s some swiss chard that kevin planted; it’s about twice this size now and i wonder if it’s still tasty to eat?  i will definitely pick some tonight and see.

this is a lovely flower in fron of randy’s house; he said that there used to be so many other flowers there, that they blocked it out.  i love it.

a selfie of me and winnie.  he was very happy that i was lying on the ground, and purring his head off.

lester, content on his leash.

you might say, “aww, isn’t that cute, they’re so happy together,” but in reality, winnie was following us around as les marched around the yard, and then winnie jumped up on the table, and les joined him, and winnie was ok with that for a few minutes, but then, when les was actually TOUCHING him, he got mad and jumped down.

my sweet neighbor bernice just brought me over a bag of belated birthday chocolates, and i’m going to try not to EAT THEM ALL right now before i go plant some ferns.

ok then,

mrs. wednesday hughes.