whew.  that about covers it.

the other night i was rushing around making pizza, and every once in a while i heard a little sound, maybe something falling over down in the basement?  i didn’t think too much about it because i had too many other things going on in my head, but then it was time to feed all the animals, or the zoo, as kevin calls them.

winnie was looking slightly annoyed as usual, waiting for some damn food, damnitall.  mollie, too, was right there, eager to eat.

but where were lester and chester?

then, a big THUMP and i realized it wasn’t coming from the basement after all.  i rushed to the closet right off the living room, opened the door, and there were the two crazy kitties.  they didn’t looks so much like they were trying to get out, but rather they were having a tussle.

i couldn’t remember if i’d opened the closet not that long ago or maybe a little longer ago, but it hadn’t been that long, but my question was, how did they BOTH manage to dash inside without me seeing them?

crazy kitties.

we were up in sterling on mollie’s birthday, april 15th.

here she is, trying to relax at amy and jim’s house.

meanwhile…lester was always lurking under the couch pillows, ready to POUNCE on anybody who was willing to let him pounce on them.

winnie was trying to relax on the screened porch.

chester was wondering why les is so enamored of socks.

when we left i asked amy if she’d please get mollie (and her dogs too, of course) a burger from mcdonald’s, for a special birthday treat.

not only did she buy the burger, or burgers, i don’t know how many she bought, but they also made the BEST BIRTHDAY VIDEO EVER.  they put spongebob squarepants party hats on the dogs and jim did the videotaping while amy sang happy birthday and threw them pieces of burger.

HILARIOUS.  at one point numie and noodle each have their hats askew, each one with the hats sticking to either sides of their heads.

unfortunately i’m not able to download the video to my computer because when i try it demands that i buy some kind of program to do it.  maybe amy will be able to figure out how to do it.

meanwhile, if you are dying to see it and you have my phone number, you can text me and i will be happy to forward it to you.


after that party, here’s mollie in their car, on the way to mom and dad’s house for yet another party.   so she had a great birthday, the first one involving party hats, singing to her, and burgers.

kevin worked to put up the new brackets for the fence, to keep the wild kitty inside.  his mom had seen this type of thing on some TV show, and they finally arrived.  they bend in, so a kitty couldn’t get over.

chester loves to lie under just about anything.

and here is les, sprawled out in his beautiful prison.

he has yet to escape, although he did spend quite a bit of time pacing around looking at it, trying to figure out how to break free.

so far so good.

ok then,

mrs. wednesday hughes.