final random photos from january…

chester, who should clearly be a planter mixed nuts spokescat.

a hawk landed on the fence outside the window.  the other birds freaked out, but no one was injured.

four of amy’s five darling IGs – they, too, should be spokesmodels, here looking so cute with their custom-made jackets.


here’s winnie’s photo for our new mobile vet.  he has some kind of growth on his upper lip (you can’t see it here), which the vet said is a mast cell tumor.  she’s going to remove it in march.  i haven’t even looked up a mast cell tumor online because i don’t want to worry.  meanwhile, she says we should give him benadryl the week before the surgery, because it could shrink the growth.  she said we could try it out ahead of time, so kevin found a special dropper for animals to give him the liquid benadryl.  the odd thing is that she says benadryl doesn’t have a sedating affect on cats, but rather the opposite – he might go a little crazy.  we shall see.

and that’s all the excitement around here right now on this chilly february morning.

ok then,

mrs. h.