I’m almost finished with harry potter #7 – i’ve actually been doing other things this morning instead of FINISHING THE BOOK because i want to stretch it out as long as possible.  yesterday i spent some time on various harry potter sites, amazed at all the heavily-footnoted very serious with many big words essays that people have written about various aspects of the books.

i then started reading JK rowling’s site, and then read about the huge fancy house she bought in northern scotland…and then i started looking at pictures of the house…and on a site it said it’s situated near the town out aberfeldy, not far from the castle menzies.


yesterday i didn’t dig far enough to find the exact spot of the house, but this morning i spent just a few more minutes, and then i got out the maps that the tour company had given us for our route…and her house is CLEARLY LABELED RIGHT ON THE MAP!  it doesn’t say “JK rowling’s house,” but it does say KILLIECHASSIE, which IS HER HOUSE!  and WE RODE RIGHT BY IT!  i remember leaving the town of aberfeldy and being happy because it was sunny that day, and the terrain was fairly flat, but LITTLE DID I KNOW THAT WE WERE SO CLOSE!  not that we would have done anything different had we known…BUT I’D DEFINITELY HAVE HAD KEVIN TAKE MY PICTURE IN FRONT OF THE ROAD LEADING TO HER DRIVEWAY!

it’s kind of exciting, but just too bad that i wasn’t even thinking about JK or her house in my obsessive planning of the trip.

oh well, maybe next time we take a bike ride to obscure little towns in scotland…

ok then,

mrs. sunday grace.