kevin saw these two cute wooly worms.  a mother and a baby?!  I’ve never seen that before.

these were taken the day after our exciting Friday morning of towing our neighbor’s boat out of the water.  we got to starved rock too late on Friday for hiking, but we set out at the crack of 10 in the morning on Saturday October 6th.  i’m pretty sure we went to Hennepin Canyon.

I took this when kevin had just taken a bi bit of a fig bar, and I said CHEW FASTER!  it was a little bit drizzly that morning.

we were at a canyon far from the lodge but there were quite a few people despite the farness plus the rain.

at this point I was only a little soggy.  i’d stuck an umbrella into my backpack, but then I instantly forgot it was there.

a couple approached from the other side with their two cute little dogs.  I think they’d brought some kind of folding chairs and just sat there enjoying the view.

after we passed quite a few people who were wearing plenty of rain gear I finally remembered my umbrella.  it was ridiculous that I didn’t even have a baseball cap, because I almost always have one in the car.  but it was a nice hike anyway.

we drove to rock falls and as we went the temperature started dropping.  I guess we hadn’t brought jackets because of all the boat shenanigans on Friday?  I usually overpack, and i’m never lacking layers.  but we stopped at the wal mart across from our hotel and all I had was my long sweater.  quite the fashion statement.

I bought a sweatshirt and kevin got a flannel shirt and we were all set for a nice weekend with kevin’s siblings.  a good time was had by all!

meanwhile, bev sent me this darling photo of riley.

he’d never curled up in this little carrier before, and hasn’t since.

on our way back to springfield, we stopped at not the best rest area in the world.  I had to take a photo of this sign duct-taped to the inside ofd the stall door, because I’ve never come across one with such a very thorough list of things NOT TO FLUSH.  plus, naturally, somebody had picked off many of the letters.  because that’s what one does at a rest area.

whew, so much more to post!  I had hoped for a lot more sitting-down time today, but maybe tomorrow?  or Tuesday?

I hope your Monday is a good one,

mrs. November with a slight chance of snow on Thursday hughes.