we COULD be watching “the office” which i’m TOTALLY OBSESSED WITH right now.  but this morning i ordered seasons 1-5 online and they will hopefully be here soon so i don’t have to fast-forward through all the commercials on the DVR all the time while watching multiple episodes at one sitting.

but we’re sprawled on the couch reading many many many christmas catalogs and i’m sort of watching the CMA show and i had to look up tim mcgraw and faith hill (a beautiful country married couple, fyi) and they BOTH HAVE PERFUMES.

i find this extremely funny.

and so very odd.

kevin and i don’t have any perfumes in our names.


so i started singing along a minute ago with sugarland, which seems to be one woman but that doesn’t make any sense and it must be the name of the group, but anyway i started hitting this very high and loud note along with the singer and i startled mollie quite a bit.  mollie had been sleeping peacefully on the couch but not too close to us because of our people coodies, and she jumped right up and looked around nervously.  kevin assured her that a raccoon wasn’t screaming in pain outside, and she settled down.

she’s asleep again, but warily, realizing that her peace could be shattered again at any time.

the thing about having many many many christmas catalogs is that pretty soon you realize that most of them have the exact same things.

i still want quite a bit of the stuff in some of them.  i just ordered some stuff, as a matter of fact, from a website called victoriantradingco.com.  they have many wonderful things, reproductions of fun stuff.  i guess it must be a genetic thing, dad collecting antiques and me liking the reproductions.

i think my form of PMS is wanting to buy stuff.  much nicer for people around me (like kevin and mollie) than being bitchy or moody.  i just want to shop.

kix brooks is singing now on the country music awards and he just has had too much plastic surgery.  didn’t he get the memo about women being the ones who must be forced to look youthful?  and men can be all wrinkly?  one zz top guy (who could ever know which one?) is playing with them.

i’m all out of catalogs.  time for some chocolate.

ok then,

wednesday night grace.