wednesday, the first day of the last winter month, i took lester for a walk because it was warm and wonderful but mostly because he REALLY REALLY INSISTED that he DESPERATELY NEEDED TO GO FOR A WALK.

we went all the way down to the little beach area between amy and jim’s house and their neighbors.  he was a little bit interested in the water, but not so much.  it was much too cold for a swim.

later, we sat down on the dock.  i like it that lester enjoys sitting there because i love sitting on the dock, it’s one of my favorite things, and for him to sit still for a few moments is awesome.

mollie trotted down to join us, and here they’re coexisting nicely.

they’re both watching as winnie sashayed down to join us.  i couldn’t get a good picture of the three of them because winnie just wants me to pet him, so he was too much in my face for a good photo op.

les felt the need to do some more exploring, so he crawled down on the rocks and found yet another little hiding place, probably a raccoon lair.  fortunately he crawled back out so i didn’t have to figure out how to get down there and drag him away.

i finally brought les back into the yard, and winnie walked up.   he’s there right in front of lester, not looking at chester, who crouches in the ferns, ready to POUNCE.

i’ve been happy that the big ferns have stayed green all winter, but i fear for their continuing survival.  lester only snuggles down in them, but i watched chester the other day, leaping in them, crashing down on them.  probably won’t last, is my guess.

i’ve been thinking that we should restrict the amount of dry food the kitties get, instead of letting them graze whenever they want.  winnie needs to go on a serious diet, lester is getting bigger and bigger, and chester will probably head in that direction.  but i’m reluctant to even think about it because of the awful kitty wrath that would be wreaked.

ok then,

mrs. gliding through the winter hughes.