i love wall-e.  i realize it’s been out for a very long time now and so this is just a bit late, but last night we watched it on DVD and i WISH I’D SEEN IT IN THE THEATER, because even though we have a pretty darn big TV, i know we missed a lot because we didn’t see it on the big screen.

wall-e is charming, poignant, sweet, funny, charming.  very charming.  it’s rated “g,” so you could watch it with your kids or your grandkids or any kids who you might know who are just sitting around waiting to see this great movie.

really, though, i think it would appeal more to adults.


in other news – i blame bev.  because like i already said, because of helping her with her house, i went out and bought some blue paint to paint the dining room.

we worked on it yesterday.  my plan was to do it all myself because the dining room is pretty small, and i figured it wouldn’t take that long.

wrong.  of course.  all the prep work took a long time, including scooting our big china cabinet away from the wall.  it’s so packed with china and glassware and stuff that i couldn’t budge it initially.  i was going to try to keep most of the stuff in it even though that was a litle bit risky because most of it is breakable and a lot of it antique plus there were our beautiful champagne flutes from the wedding and the wine glasses we bought in hawaii.  i put those glasses high up in a kitchen cabinet, and then i started getting the heavy china out of the cabinet, and more and more stuff got piled around the house.  finally i was able to scoot the cabinet and i didn’t break anything which is a miracle.

then there was all the blue taping.  bev is able to edge all her walls freehand, no blue tape involved at all, but i just can’t do that.  the blue taping was kind of tedious but at least then i didn’t slop paint all over the baseboards.  not that much paint, anyway.

kevin painted the ceiling.  i wasn’t going to worry about the ceiling but it was a little stained in places plus the kitchen ceiling will have to be painted because of the big patch where the hole was because the pipes froze and the pipe burst, so i finally decided that the dining room ceiling would look bad in comparison to the soon to be freshly-painted kitchen ceiling.

kevin thought the ceiling painting would be the worst, but it seemed to go on pretty quickly.

edging the blue around the ceiling, that was the worst.  we saved it for last and eventually kevin gave up altogether and i had to finish.  it doesn’t look horrible, but it’s not the best job in the world.  i wish i knew how the pros do it.  they’re probably just really good at it because they’ve been doing it so long.

when we were painting bev’s daughter’s walls dark red, i stoped when i reached the edge of the ceiling and refused to do the edging.  bev did it herself, no problem.

SO WHERE’S BEV NOW?  off cavorting with all the yale a capella group, that’s where.

maybe i can coerce her to come over and help with the edging of the rest of the tops of the walls.  there are many many edges to be painted.

this morning i have to re-touch some of the blue, and then put the dining room back together, and then i’m planning to start on the living room.

but the living room is a lot bigger than the dining room, plus it extends into the kitchen which means really both rooms need to be painted.  first the ceilings.  it’s one thing to have a dining room in a shambles, because we can always eat on the couch.

but i’m envisioning our huge comfy couch covered with dropcloths and all the stuff in a big mess and heap, and it isn’t a happy thought.  really, it all need to be done fast fast fast…but tomorrow’s possible work will be interrupted by going to the st. patrick’s day parade.  kevin is going to be in the parade, as is my brother david.  hopefully it will be fun and not too cold.

i must get to work now.

ok then,

friday grace.