if you recall, i was sitting in a park typing on my computer, telling you about going on my friend jimm’ys yacht.  here are just a few of the many many pictures i took that saturday:

kevin and me on the balcony of the great restaurant we stopped at before heading out on jimmy’s boat.  a beautiful, beautiful day.

i told you it’s big!

jimmy’s daughter taryn, near the controls.

the master bedroom…

i don’t know why i didn’t take more pictures down below.  in addition to the master bedroom, there was another bedroom with a big bunk bed, two full bathrooms, a kitchen and a dining area.

thad and kevin were very excited to go down and look at the two huge engines.  hmm, kevin will have to tell you what they were.

we pulled away from the dock and this kind of odd-looking house was next door.

i like this picture because thad is there in the background taking pictures.  these are jimmy’s neighbors, artie and barbara.  artie has a brooklyn accent and wears lots of bling.  i think he might have been a mob driver.  barbara was excited to go on the boat because she said they went to the boat one time and it was 93 degrees outside and jimmy worked on the boat for about three hours…but they never went out.  so we were very lucky.

thad and kevin, after checking out the engine, had to both pose at the wheel.

here’s jimmy, actually steering.  he smoothly backed the yacht out of the very long berth.

this is the panel with all the information on it so jimmy could navigate properly.

here’s jimmy, almost always smiling.

taryn, sitting out front.  she and brandon, jimmy’s partner, casually climbed up and out onto the front even though we were going VERY FAST.  i was too scared to try it when we were going so fast, because i would probably have fallen in.

we passed under this giant bridge and left such an enormous wake…

when we slowed way down because we came to this island, i was finally brave to go out on the front deck.  it was fantastic.

one of the many, many boats moored.

it says “lucky me” on the stern.  yep, lucky them.

as we cruised towards the island to dock, kevin and i stretched out on the cushions.

yes, it does look like a tiny little viking ship.  i don’t know what they were doing there.

an osprey nest, i think.

brandon helps dock the boat.  i love this sign, that it says “transients welcome.”

kevin tries his best to relax as we cruise in.

but then he does get out and help with the docking, which was tricky because i think it was the first time jimmy had done it, and there wasn’t a lot of room to maneuver.

jimmy is still grinning, after he successfully docks the boat.

in addition to taking pictures, i was also doing a lot of videotaping.  jimmy was trying to pump the gas but i think there was…air? in the line, and so the gas kept spurting out all over the place.  the kid manning the pump wasn’t particularly interested in helping out at all, but instead he busily poured stuff on top of the gasoline that had spilled in the water.  jimmy kept asking him questions, but the kid appeared to be mute.

at one point jimmy said “grace, stop filming me.”  but i didn’t.

thad tries to relax while the gas is being pumped.

on our way out, the fire boats.

and this is a view from the water of the restaurant where we had lunch.

it was such a great day, and jimmy was so nice to take us out.  i didn’t take any pictures of them, but there were lots of very fancy speed boats zooming all around.  there was going to be a race on sunday that was going to be broadcast on ESPN, and they were all out.  very cool.

ok then,