Friday, October 1st

it rained and rained and rained yesterday.

kevin got back here about two o’clock, kinda tired and soggy.  he only shot two of the eight categories, because they finally canceled the event because it was so windy that the targets kept blowing down.  today it’s going to be windy, but it’s bright and sunny.

after a relaxing evening hanging out here, i took kevin back to the shoot this morning at 7:15.  very very early for me to be out.

i was going to drop him off at the visitor’s entrance, but because he had a special yellow card on the dash from going inside yesterday, they just waved us on past.  we were on the grounds ILLEGALLY because we had a dog with us.  luckily nobody ever found out.

here’s the view driving past the zillions of campers and stuff.

i dropped kevin off with all his gear.  i sent this photo to jim this morning and he said he liked the authentic civil war-era off-road running stroller.

kevin was going to have me take the road out, but then he saw another road and decided that i could go out on the main road in.  i dropped him off and tried to go back, but the guy guarding the road stopped me – this was ONE WAY.  i was relieved by this, because it would have been challenging getting past the huge stream of vehicles pouring in.  the road was narrow and really rutted.  kevin said there were only maybe a dozen guys shooting yesterday, so there could literally be thousands of them today.  a madhouse.

so i didn’t know exactly where to go, but the nice man explained it to me, and i managed to find the road out without any trouble at all, and it was actually smoother and better than the one coming in.

he’s already frantically shooting right now, and hopefully has been for a couple hours.  i’ll go pick him up this afternoon after he’d done with the one team competition he’s signed up for.

meanwhile, it’s just me and mollie…i have to pack up all the remaining stuff, most of which is mine, plus lots and lots of food.  here’s our fabulous kitchenette.

i’m going to have to load the stuff in the car, plus i have to pop up the camper a little bit to put the opened wine bottle and the whiskey jug.  we’re going to thad’s house later today, a less than two hour drive, and i’m sure that if i just tucked the alcohol into a bag nobody would ever find it…but kevin wants me to put it in the camper, so i will.

mollie is trying to get ready for the day.

after mollie and i check out, we’ll drive over to historic downtown winchester and walk around for a while before picking up kevin.  after we get him we’ll come back here to get the trailer, because i don’t feel qualified or comfortable hooking it up all by myself and driving all by myself to get him.  kinda wimpy i know, but i don’t care.

tomorrow morning we’re heading to my friend jimmy’s house where we’ll get to go on his new 50 foot yacht!  we have new plans to go down to a campground along the ocean at virginia beach, but now it looks like it could be raining then, so who knows what lies ahead…right now, it’s just a bunch of packing stuff and saying to myself yet again WHY DID I BRING SO MANY THINGS???!!!

ok then,

friday grace.