i’ve reached my saturation point. tonight i was close to tears because i bought this one neat present that comes in a clear plastic case and i took it out of the case and now I CANNOT FIND THE CASE ANYWHERE and i kept looking and looking, around and around the house, and it has clearly vanished. maybe instead of clear, it has suddenly become INVISIBLE. HOW CAN I WRAP THE GIFT IF I CAN’T FIND THE STUPID CLEAR PLASTIC COVER FOR IT???

at this point i realized maybe i need to rest. i clicked on dooce.com, always a good thing to read unless she hasn’t written anything new and that makes me realize what randy means when he chastise me for not writing for a while.

in her entry today she has a link and it’s just called PERHAPS THE BEST WEBPAGE ON THE INTERNET.

and imagine my surprise when i clicked on it and it was THE HIPPOPOTAMUS SONG.

so, once again i implore you, if you haven’t clicked on the link below for I WANT A HIPPOPOTAMUS FOR CHRISTMAS, please do so.

heather armstrong, who writes dooce, gets paid ACTUAL CASH MONEY to write her blog. enough money to LIVE ON.

so if you won’t listen to me, LISTEN TO HER.

it’s not too late to be happy and dancing around the room for xmas.

ok then,