because this morning i woke up to SNOW ON THE GROUND.  luckily it wasn’t that much snow, and it’s mostly gone now, but it’s a chilly 30 degrees with a wind chill of 16, which makes me just wanna forget about going outside at all.

meanwhile..i hope you watched the CEREAL MOVIE trailer.  so funny!

and now, as i attempt to post the rest of the photos from february, as the end of march sneaks up on me…

near the beginning of march, the deer came up to the driveway to eat the bird food.  when mom and i were in florida, kevin said they came all the way up to the house.  this is all well and good, except that we planted many, many tulips in front of the house and the deer will surely eat all of them unless we spray and spray the deer repellent.  actually, a few flowers are already peeking up, but because we haven’t put any bird food out in the driveway for a while, the deer haven’t been so interested in coming up to the porch.  but once the flowers are just a little bit taller, they will be all over them.

meanwhile…chester is the longest-legged kitty we’ve ever had.

the deer at their nightly cocktail hour in the back yard.

and even more deer in the driveway…

while i was getting cat food at wal-mart i happened to see this little sectional kitty house thing, so i impulsively bought it, of course.  and of course lester loved it!

so then i bought a few more sections online, and now we have a pretty good-sized kitty condo taking up quite a bit of the living room.  i don’t think les goes into this little section anymore, so maybe we’ll get rid of it.  or maybe not.

in the middle of february, pretty deep snow, but les was determined to wade through the snow.

i like this picture because it makes chester look like he’s vanishing.  he doesn’t actually posess that power, at least as far as i know.

i got to witness kevin cross-country skiing firsthand when we got back from florida.  he made it looks so easy, and fun…

he marches out the driveway to get to the deep snow.

and he climbed up the snow and off he went…

he persuaded me to ski with him, and i already wrote about how all i did was fall, pretty much.  because i’m named grace.

and then we had more snow…

and the poor injured goose was sitting out in the driveway.

kevin shoveled a little path and the goose was slightly annoyed.

then kevin sprinkled some bird food and the goose was both elated and hissing at him at the same time.  conflicted.

after kevin got the hell outta there, the goose hurried to gobble up the food.

a very happy goose.

we haven’t seen him recently – i like to imagine that he found a nice group of like-minded geese and is swimming happily around in the lake somewhere with them.  because he always seemed like such a loner, probably because he was ostracized for being hurt.  poor goose.

ok then, more later, i truly truly promise, especially to you, my aunt sandy, who sits around all the time JUST WAITING FOR MORE POSTS!

ok ok ok,

mrs. march hughes.